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All of this gear is available in the studio to use for recording and mixing and mastering.
It is possible to rent specific equipment for a certain session: contact us in advance.

Studer 963. 20 channels, 8 extra preamps, 6 groups, 8 Studer compressors/limiters.

Analog recording:
Tape recorders: Studer A80 with 8 tracks on 1 inch, Studer 810 with 2 tracks on
  1/4 inch, Telefunken M15A  of 2 tracks in 1/4 inch.

Digital Recording:

Macbook Pro, Lynx Aurora (N) 24 channel converters, Lynx Hilo,  protools,  UAD Satellite Octo and UAD Twin X Quad, Universal Audio plug-ins, Soundtoys, Fabfilter, Waves, Brainwork,  isotope, etc.

Neumann KH-310s,
Focal CSM65,  JBL 4312 with Crown and Sony amplifiers, Phonitor and Beyerdynamic DT880Pro.
Hearback Octo Musician Monitoring System and Beyerdynamics DT-770 (X5) Headphones and Vic Firth V2 Headphones.

Microphones :

Neumann Km 56 (X2), Flea U47, Altec 639b,  Beyerdynamic M160 with RCA ribbon (X2), Beyerdynamic M88 (X2) , Beyerdynamic M69 (X2),   Beyerdynamic M201, Electro Voice 666 (X2), Electro voice Re-15, Electrovoice 639a, AKG D-12, AKG 414EB, Sennheiser 421 N, RCA 77DX, Shure 57 (X3), Shure 58, Shure Bullet, Shure Beta 52, etc.

Preamp and Outboard:

Demeter RealReverb, Yamaha E1010, Echoplex Ep-2,  Roland Space Echo 201, BeardAmps Spring Reverb, Manley VariMu, Api 2500,  DBX 160VU, JoeMeek SC2 1.0, Uad 1176, Drawmer 1968, Audioscape LA-2a, AudioScape D-Comp, ADL 1500 (LA2a clone), DS Audio 1176 (UA 1176 clone), Manley-Langevin Mini Passive, Dangerous Bax-EQ , Pultec Eqp-1a (X2), Groove Tubes SuPre, Api 3124, Daking Mic Pre IV, etc.

Lynx Hilo, Api 2500 Stereo Compressor, Manley VArimu Stereo Compressor, Custom Audio Germany HDE-250
  Parametric EQ with M/S, Dangerous BAX EQ,  Manley-Langevin Mini Passive EQ,  Kush Audio Clariphonic Parallel EQ.

Backline :

Ludwig Classic drums Supraphonic 70s, Jazz Festival 60s, Ludwig Black Beauty, Avedis (60s) and Paiste 2002 (70s) cymbals.
Amplifiers: Fender Super Reverb RI (Modified by BeardAmps), Fender Deluxe RI (Modified by BeardAmps), Vox Ac-30, Vox Ac-15, Ampeg BA115, Ampeg V-4B,
  Novivox (Spanish 60s Vox clone), etc.
Instruments: National Resonator, Fender Telecaster USA, Grestch 6122, Gibson ES-125, Gibson ES-335, Fender Precision AM, Nord Electro 5D 73, effects pedals (Fulltone. EH, Catalinbread, etc) etc.

Equipo: Product
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