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We have high-end analog equipment (Studer, Telefunken, Api, Daking, etc.) and digital equipment (Protools 2022, Lynx converters) to record your music with the highest fidelity possible.

we have a complete  backline of instruments and amplifiers at your disposal (Fender, Gibson, Ampeg, Ludwig, etc).

Our room of 60  square meter  allows the recording of your entire band. 



Once we have recorded the tracks, we will process and mix them to create the song.  
You can also send us your tracks recorded elsewhere for us to mix with our team.

we have a Studer 963 desk, Studer A80 tape recorders,  Telefunken M15 and Studer 810 and  a careful  selection of external analog processing equipment (Api, Manley, Drawmer, etc), as well as  digital (Protools 2022  with  many plugins from UAD, Soundtoys, Brainwork, Fabfilter, Izotope, etc.).



We can give to  your songs the finish end so they sound their best in any medium.
We have specialized equipment,
  both for monitoring and processing and we have experience both mastering for vinyl and CD and streaming .

In our mastering chain we use  digital plugins for  editing, restoration and correction and  analog gear  (Manley, API, Kush)  to add depth and warmth.


Other services

Analog Processing.
Send us your files and  we will process with our equalizers, compressors or tape recorders, according to your instructions. We can  give them anything from a light touch of color to putting the VU meters "in the red"  to saturate them.
We will send it back in the digital format that suits you  the best.
Restoration and digitization. We can  make a high definition digital copy of  your tape recorder, cassette, DAT, or even  vinyls  so that you can continue enjoying them.
We have the best audio restoration and noise removal suites. 

For more information, contact us .

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