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Hollers Studio is a recording, mixing and mastering studio, oriented to independent music and specialized in analog recording.
Started in 2011 as a private studio for Máximo RB of the duo The Hollers, Hollers Studio has become over the years a benchmark for independent bands and artists looking to produce their music with quality equipment and in a trustworthy environment.

This is a one room studio with a  multipurpose room of 60 square meters and ceilings over four meters high, allows us both to record  a whole rock band live, including drums.
You will feel as comfortable as if you were in your rehearsal room, but you will have controlled acoustics and professional equipment at your disposal.

Hollers Studio has  a careful and growing  collection of both vintage and contemporary equipment (Studer, Telefunken, Api, Manley, Daking, Neumann, etc). We are committed to quality analog technology without forgetting the convenience and efficiency of digital technology (Protools 2022, Lynx Aurora (N) 24 Channels, Lynx Hilo, UAD Satellite...). Our  studio is designed to be able to use both in the most appropriate proportion and combination for your project, according to your needs and aesthetic preferences: analog, digital recording or a combination of both.

Many Spanish and international groups and artists have recorded and mixed Hollers Analog Studio.

Much of the music produced in our studio ends up being of interest to important independent Spanish labels (Clifford, Sleazy Records, Folc Records) as well as the media (El Sótano de R3, Ruta 66)

Whatever your style, our mission is to capture it with the utmost fidelity.

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