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Scandinavia, new EP, "Tuesday"

We have finished the recording, mixing and mastering of the second work of the band of  Blackboard, Scandinavia.
With influences from Spanish indie rock  of the 90s, as well as the most emblematic Anglo-Saxon bands, have opted for a more direct sound and with more prominence of the guitars.


Split Deke Dickerson/Big Sandy

It has been a pleasure to have in the studio  two heavyweights of the North American rockabilly scene, Deke Dickerson and Big Sandy (with his Fly-Rite Boys), who participated  at the Rockin' Race festival.  We have recorded  recorded, mixed and mastered two songs for an upcoming 7" that will be released  Sleazy Records.


On sale "Desperate" by The Oddballs

FOLC Records has released The Oddballs new EP on 7 vinyl  inches   "Desperate."  It was recorded, mixed and mastered  a few months ago in this studio.
They keep shaking their particular cocktail furiously  of frat rock, punk rock and wild  r&b
you can hear it and  buy it at  FOLC Records Bandcamp

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